What Is Save The Rhino?

Save The Rhinos is an organization dedicated to preventing the loss of the Asian rhinoceros. The group is based in South Africa but has branches in Asia, Australia, United States, and Nepal. It was founded in 1995 by a South African entrepreneur and philanthropist, who also happen to be the founder of the rhinoceros breeding project at the Hluhli Game Reserve.

Save The Rhinos is a non-profit organization, dedicated to the conservation of endangered species. The organization was established in 1997 and serves as a global voice for the cause. It is an international organization, funded by donations from individuals and businesses.

Their global effort is to educate and persuade citizens to act on the threat of the Asian and Indian rhinos disappearing from the wild. The organization works closely with governments of Africa and Asia to promote wildlife conservation and raise awareness about its issues. They also work with a wide variety of institutions, including universities and research organizations.

Save The Rhinos was first established in the year 1990 as the World Rhino Specialist Group. They are currently listed as the world’s largest single-species non-governmental rhinoceros organization, with more than three million supporters from almost every country in the world. Their members include governments, international agencies, conservation organizations, non-profits, individuals, businesses, and various other interest groups. The organization relies heavily on private donations.

The organization’s leadership team consists of an executive director and five other members: scientists, conservationists, conservation educators, volunteers, and funders. They meet to discuss global threats to the rhinos, and to create actions for local communities to protect the animals. They also work with local officials to improve enforcement and law enforcement practices. As part of their efforts, they provide financial assistance to local and national governments to help them in their rhino protection efforts.

Save The Rhinos was founded by a South African businessman, Dr. Julius H. Mpangani, who has devoted his entire life’s work to the conservation of the rhinos. He was a pioneer in the field of medicine, and a pioneer in the field of wildlife conservation. He founded the first rhinoceros breeding facility and created the world’s first rhinoceros protection zone.

Save The Rhinos works closely with the government of South Africa to ensure that all of their efforts are effective. The South African government is the lead partner in their conservation efforts. The primary goal of the organization is to increase awareness about the threats posed to rhinos and their habitats.

The group is committed to raising funds for their conservation efforts by participating in community fundraising events, as well as fundraising events conducted by private individuals and organizations. They also have fundraisers for the animals themselves. Other activities of the organization include working closely with local businesses and governments to raise awareness of the plight of the animals. They also hold educational programs and public events to encourage the public to help conserve these wonderful animals.

In the United States, Save The Rhinos sponsors educational programs for youth in schools, youth groups, museums, and other venues throughout the country. It also offers a wide range of media outlets for their message. Their message is known by many people all over the world and they work actively with different media outlets to reach out to people in different places.