There are several ways to make your ear gizmo sparkle and shine

The tiniest of all ear gizmos, the juniper ain’t no juggler in the ear lobe department, but it sure is a fun and functional accessory to add to your collection. Designed to resemble a juniper tree, it is a nod to nature, but a nod to fashion as well. A great pairing with any outfit, this little green critter is a keeper for lifelong wearer or as a gift for a friend. It is a must have item for anyone’s posh list.

There are several ways to make your ear gizmo sparkle and shine, but a simple polish and buff is the best way to go. Not to mention, the aforementioned buffing should be done on a daily basis. ThisĀ find more is especially true for horsy hunks in the bedroom. And, let’s face it, if you are reading this you have probably been there yourself. Besides, who doesn’t love a good scrub?

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