Rekey House Keys

When a business has to replace a key or keys to lockers, they often call on their local locksmith company to rekey house or commercial locks and keys. Rekeying locks can make new keys available for use at a later time or renew old keys into a brand new lock. Rekeying commercial locks makes it easier to access locked trucks, cargo containers, and aircraft. Businesses have many different reasons to rekey locks.

When the door is damaged, it’s usually better to refer the door than repair it or replace it completely. If the door is in good working condition, however, it’s typically best to just rekey it instead of changing the entire door. Locksmiths are able to get new or different door locks with no damage or other issues. This makes it easy to switch locks without the hassle of repairing doors or windows.

Locksmiths are also able to rekey commercial or residential locks depending on the situation. Most businesses and homes will have multiple doors with different purposes. Some commercial or residential doors will be used for multiple purposes, but some simply serve one purpose. Locksmiths can rekey these doors for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, the person who needs a new key wants to open one of the doors and do other things instead of just use it for their personal use or for securing their property.

Commercial locks are often damaged, so they may not work as well as they used to or may be stuck in place because they aren’t in good shape. Sometimes it’s a convenience to have the door working, but not for security reasons. Many businesses are able to provide customers with an option to rent a new lock for their office, warehouse, or other location, while other companies may need to reprogram locks for their business premises. This is usually easy to do by a locksmith, but it’s also easy for customers to ask for a new key when they’re not satisfied with the one they have.

The process of renewing commercial or residential locks also takes some time to complete. It should only take a locksmith a couple hours to complete a job, but it can take up to a day or longer if it’s a big job. It takes time to locate any damaged locks or replace them if needed. Locksmiths can get keys to re-key different types of locks as well. If you have an existing home or business, there may be a key to a door that doesn’t work anymore.

When your house or business is locked out, having a locksmith come to work to look over your house or commercial locks will save you time and money and frustration. They can re-key locks or get new locks with no time commitment. Rekeying commercial or residential locks can make sure that your home or office stays secure and safe. Once you have your home or business locked up, you’re less likely to need to go through the trouble of finding a new lock.